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Investigation Free
There are Detective Agencies and agents having fancy names and websites but do not even have an office, sans any experience or capabilities and vanish into thin air after taking small amounts from many people. Thus, besides other parameters we advice you to at least find out the background, Private Detective standing and since how long the Agency has been operating from the same premises. 

Secondly, and ironically we must bring to your notice that you would have seen it for yourselves that none of the websites you have already seen or can check back now give even a quote of their professional charges, during the course or before giving reports they come out with many hidden charges. Sadly, not satisfied with what they have extracted from you, we advice you to be very carefully in selecting an Agency. Our charges, expenses and explanations shows our transparency and honesty which you will appreciate. 

The Charges on executing a case primarily depend on the quality and quantum of manpower, resources and equipment required to be deployed and most importantly the time required on the assignment. There is generally no thumb rule charges towards an assignment as these vary from case to case, most importantly the charges depend on the geographical, political, religious, expense and risk related factors.

Moreover, the longer the period of assignment, the less the charges, the shorter the period of assignment, the higher the charges, i.e. if the charges for surveillance & shadowing for 7 days is Rs.4,000/- per day, the same will reduce to Rs.3,500/- per day if the same is for more than 15 days and will reduce to Rs.3,000/- if it is to be done for more than 30 days. Short Assignments result in under deployment of the agents and thus loses to the Agency and thus if the Assignment is for 5 days it cost Rs.5,000/- per day and Rs.6,000/- for Assignments of 2 to 3 days and Rs.8,000/- for one single day. However, to give a general idea the charges are as below. These charges